Vision Statement

The vision is restoration.

For something to be restored, you need to understand its inherent value and what it originally looked like. The inherent value of family on the earth is much bigger than you have ever imagined. According to Genesis 1:28 families were to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it”. This was the first great commission and the enduring cultural mandate which was set from the foundations of the earth. Family was the vehicle that the Family of Heaven created to subdue the earth.

Now, all has been restored, through the blood of Jesus.  Jesus didn’t come to cancel the Father’sRestoration Logo--Round--Red vision he came to restore the Father’s vision. Jesus didn’t come to take the Father’s place he came to restore our place in the father. As restored sons and daughters, we are to fulfill our cultural mandate as Christian families to subdue and impact every aspect of society. We don’t just change the culture; we set the culture.

Too often in our society, we work towards redefinition in an effort to insulate our hurt and disillusionment.   This is certainly true in regards to family. Never in human history has the very structure of family been more eroded and redefined.  We are in a crisis, and we believe it is time for Christian families to become healed, delivered, empowered and restored. It is time for us to take back what belongs to us, restore our identity and renew our influence.

The Family Restoratiinsta 8on Project was created to release restoration first of all, to our identity in the Father as sons and daughters, which then creates healthy marriages, parents, and families. This in turn, creates an inheritance mindset that releases freedom and influence to generations.

The Family Restoration Project is led by Jonathan and Amy Claussen, our eight children, and both sets of parents.  We are a family releasing family.   Our passion and desire is your family. We want to see identities secured, dynamic marriages, empowered parents, and families that understand their destiny and inherent value… because it is much bigger than you ever imagined!

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