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Jonathan and Amy Claussen, along with their eight children, live in Browerville, Minnesota.  They are hosts and leaders of The Glory Barn, a revival center whose primary focus is honoring the presence of God, and providing freedom in worship for all ages.  Because family has created the context of their ministry, through rich spiritual inheritance and the raising of their children, the Lord has ignited their hearts to use their family to release the spirit of family to the world.  They are founders and leaders of the Family Restoration Project – restoring identity and power to families to subdue the earth.

Jonny is a Family Medicine Physician.  He also leads worship at the Glory Barn and their home church.  Amy spends her days loving her husband, homeschooling her children and delighting in the everyday Holy moments of all-things-home.

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FRP-ClaussensDon and Heather Claussen live in Prior Lake, Minnesota.  They have been serving the Lord throughout their marriage as ministers, teachers, and counselors.  God gave Don a specific revelation of the meanings of the covenants in the Scriptures some years ago, which he has taught in seminars and classes in the church, and which Heather is currently writing in a book.  They have a special insight into the “Family Covenant”, and how families are created from the very heart of God.

When Don proposed to Heather 52 years ago, he asked if she would be the grandmother of his grandchildren.  They were unaware of the prophetic nature of the proposal at the time.  Their four children have given them 21 grandchildren!

Our Covenant God established legacies… and still does.


FRP-RichLarry and Wilma Rich were born and raised on farms in Colorado, and moved to Minnesota when Larry began his career at 3M Company as a research chemist.  They both grew up loving science.  Larry has a PhD in Physical Chemistry and Wilma a Masters degree in Zoology.  Both struggled with Theory of Evolution issues as students, but have found that “By faith we know..”.   This has given them a passion to teach on the importance of the truth of the first eleven chapters of Genesis as foundational to understanding the rest of Scripture.    Both are part of the Healing Rooms of St. Paul and long to see the Body of Christ walking in wholeness and the Church coming into her rightful place as the pure, spotless Bride of Christ.  It is their joy to partner with their children to see marriage and family become what they were intended to be and to bless their grandchildren and future generations as they walk hand in hand.  They have two married adult children who are serving the Lord and seventeen beautiful grandchildren.