Do you remember when you first met your spouse?  I sure do!  It was like fireworks were going off in rapid succession and I could barely think of anything else. I was certain that Jonny was absolutely perfect and through a lot of our marriage I remained convinced.  I had married the perfect man.

Perfection is a funny thing.  It seems like the ultimate compliment, but is it really?   [Read more…]

My Journey into Papa’s Love

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Larry and I were married at a very young age. We had both grown up in the church and received Jesus as our Savior at an early age. We spent 6 years in college and graduate school before Larry took a job at 3M and we landed in St. Paul in 1969. We had wanted to start our family, but after 3 years of trying, we had been told by doctors that we would not be able to have children. However, not too long after that I got pregnant with our son Jeffrey, who was born after 8 years of marriage. Words cannot explain the delicious joy that accompanied his birth. We had already applied for adoption, so we thought we would just ask for a girl and our family would be complete. Little did we know that God had another plan, and our dear, precious Amy was born 22 months later. [Read more…]

What to do When the “D” Word Enters Your Marriage

If you personally have been considering divorce, or have been standing beside a friend or family member, then you are no stranger to the heart ache. The devastation of a broken marital relationship is a too common reality in our society.

Anyone contemplating divorce is inevitably dealing with a myriad of emotion including betrayal, anger, resentment, bitterness, and lost dreams. Every marriage is different, every dynamic unique, and I could never try to understand your specific situation, but if you are considering divorce, I would ask you to consider something else first.  Read More… 

Jonny wrote the following blog for a friend of our’s website (actually, she is the genius who does all our graphic design and web design – thanks Dawn:).  With her permission we are directing you to her site to read the remainder of the blog.  Enjoy!

I could never try to understand your specific situation, but if you are considering divorce, I would ask you to consider something else first.


A Love Worth Remembering


The first time I sIMG_4387aw my husband fireworks went off!  Yep – just like in the movies:) I was 19 years old, recently heartbroken, and my mom had just uttered the words, “Honey, you need to fine a nice guy at church.”  How is that for wishful thinking?  I KNEW that there weren’t any nice guys at church – believe me, I had looked.  But here I was, at church, captivated by a young man on the worship team.  How had I missed seeing him before? [Read more…]

More is in Store!

IMG_9593I know that there is so much more to marriage than I understand right now. A richness that is just waiting to be discovered. Oh don’t get me wrong. My husband and I have a great marriage! We delight to be with each other. But as with everything else in the Kingdom of God, I know there are always greater depths to be understood. I never want to settle with great, when spectacularly fabulous is offered to us by God:)

I love to write down my prayers. They are usually in full color with doodles, but this one comes to you in black and white. 🙂

 “Soaring Together…. That’s what my heart’s desire is Daddy! I desire to soar with my husband – in unity. My heart beating with his. My passions blending with his. Unity. No pulling, but instead a deep spiritual understanding. You speaking to us – One message with various parts. Daddy, You have made us one flesh. Show me even more what one flesh looks like. Holy Spirit come. Descend on us – in one flesh. The trinity – You, Jesus & the Holy Spirit – the greatest example of unity, to teach us what unity and oneness looks like. Oh Daddy – I desire this…..”

IMG_9596Today, as I ponder this, I’m asking the Lord for one special idea to bless my husband with this weekend.  We’ve all read marriage books that have tons of great ideas in them, but this isn’t what I’m talking about this time.  I want to hear a fresh idea directly from God, because I know when it is right from Him, it will be exactly what my beloved needs today.  What idea just went through your mind?  Maybe you should give it a try too!

Join us as we journey together and purposefully pursue everything that the Lord offers to husbands & wives!