Companion Guide + Complete Project


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Companion Guide + Complete Project (10 CD Set)

The complete Family Restoration Project contains 10 powerful, life-changing messages. The Project Companion Guide is designed to take you step-by-step through all 10 messages.   The guide incorporates 26, full-color pages filled with charts, graphics, questions, prayers & more.

Project 1:  The Original Plan for Family
Project 2:  The Restoration of All Things
Project 3:  Declaring a Father to an Orphan World
Project 4:  I Love My Daddy and My Daddy Loves Me!
Project 5:  Inheritance as Sons and Daughters
Project 6:  Value the Birthright
Project 7:  A Family Restored
Project 8:  Purposeful Family Culture
Project 9:  Fill the Earth
Project 10:  Subdue the Earth

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