God Is Funny

insta 1God is funny.

I said that I would NEVER need a fancy cell phone.  All I ever used mine for was to have it in my van for emergencies.  Until one day I won a drawing at McDonalds and found myself holding the newest iPhone to date.  Now I can’t live without it.  How would I ever remember to take out the garbage, or should I say, remind my boys to take out the garbage, without it?  I don’t have to worry; I am now a firm believer in my need for technological organization!

So, I’m not an online connecter kind of girl.  I prefer a hot cup of tea in my hands, a warm fire, and face-to-face time with my friends on the couch. 🙂  So, when I was journaling one day, my Father quietly whispered to me, “You should write a blog.”  I literally giggled out loud.  Me blog?  That is ridiculous!  So ridiculous that I knew it had to be Him, because I would have NEVER thought that thought with my own brain. 🙂

God is funny.

When I was a little girl my life-long desire was to be happily married and the mother of many children.  I remember sitting in my first lecture for nursing school writing down that in five years I saw myself as a stay-at-home mom with two kids.  I wasn’t even engaged at the time, let alone married.  I’m sure that is NOT the answer my nursing instructor was looking for.

So here I sit, with my iPhone beside me, writing my first blog entry, and listening to the joy that seven of my beautiful children are spreading throughout the house (my eighth is napping :-).

God is funny.

He uses the dreams we don’t know to dream, those we don’t want to dream, and dreams that are so central to who we are we don’t even recognize them as dreams.  What a delight it is to be His daughter and let Him weave together this beautiful tapestry called life!


Welcome to the Clausinsta 3sen Family Blog!  This is going to be an eclectic grouping of posts written by a mom of many, a doctor-dad, 4 really fun grandparents and 8 children that span the ages.  Topics will be just as varied!  Thanks for joining our journey.