The Fragrance of Jesus

We are the carriers of the fragrance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

When we have been impacted by the Holy Spirit, and we walk in worship, there is a fragrance given off as we move from place to place…as if the atmosphere around us is stirred…freshened.

It is noticeable.

People may not be able to identify it, but they will sense it…feel it. His presence emanating from you can cause dark thoughts to begin to experience light, sadness begins a journey to joy, irritation begins to become peaceful, stubbornness can relax, repentance flows , and reconciliation can begin.

All of this can happen because we have been with Jesus. [Read more…]

Three Powerful Phrases for Your Home

IMG_5930_8x10We all know that the things we say matter.  Like really matter.  Words have the power to bring joy to others or absolutely ruin their day. 

I’m really big into keeping things simple, because to me when things are simple they are also sustainable. 

I have eight kids and one adorable husband, and if I get too complicated in my ideas and plans, they simple DO NOT happen.  They get lost in the whirlwind of socks, bagels, and crayons that fill my ordinary days.  Are you longing to breathe a little fresh air into your home?  Well, I have a couple of simple, doable, common-sense ideas that, when applied liberally, may just change the very atmosphere of your home. [Read more…]

Surprised by the Rock

blog-rock-of-agesOne Sunday morning while corporately praying before the service, I kept hearing Holy Spirit say, “Read the words to the old song ‘Rock of Ages’”.   I hesitated to respond because we were praying about the miracle of Christmas and for the message that Pastor Mike was to deliver.  I said to Holy Spirit, “What does that have to do with Christmas?”

I clearly heard “I AM The Rock!”

[Read more…]

Emma’s Journey


Each person’s journey looks different and our processes are unique.

This last year a lot has happened in my life.  I graduated from college several years early, moved across the country to Redding, California, and began a school of ministry.  God has given me vision for my life, but I have no idea how I am going to get there, when it will come about, the details of what I need to do, or why God chose me.  I am excited for the journey God is taking me on, but I am unsure about so many things.  [Read more…]

Unexpected Storm


We don’t always see the storm coming.  Everything is fine one minute and then…there it is.  That’s how a storm started for me recently.  Let me tell you the story. [Read more…]