Out of the Mouth of Babes: A Trumpet in the Sky


I can still see her scampering along the beach, the wind blowing her strawberry-blonde hair, her laughing face held aloft, as if she and the breeze are racing. She is about 3 1/2 years old, and the magical scene I am describing is as vivid and captivating as it was in reality, so many years ago. The little girl is my granddaughter, Hannah. It appears as if the Lord has ignited the memory-screen in my mind, and here I am witnessing this animated scene once again.

Whenever I think of Hannah as a little girl, I remember her joyful, care-free spirit even at such a young age. I see this happy little girl, as she is following her heart along the lakeshore of her home in northern Minnesota.

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Remembering Family…


Sun rays in the gardenLast night I had the honor to be at an event where about 3 people knew what the Family Restoration Project was all about.  As the 200 attendees were milling around and ‘shopping’ at the booths scattered around the room, I had the opportunity to share with many, many people about who we are and what the Lord has placed upon our hearts.  I could feel my preach coming on and all the passion for why we are doing what we are doing rise to the surface.

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Out the Mouths of Babes…


When my grandson, Gabriel, was about three years old, we went to a playground at a park on a glorious spring day.  He loved to be pushed on the swing, and his nimble body appeared to be flying with the wind, as he soared into the bright blue sky.  Although this golden moment happened almost 26 years ago, it is captured as an indelible picture in my mind.  His head was thrown back, his white-blond dutch-boy haircut was flowing behind him in ripples, and his feet were pointing upward to the sun.  [Read more…]

“Creation an Invitation”

Beautiful chamomile flowers in nature photographed in summer at sunset.

The Lord popped this phrase into my heart during a quiet time. “What is ‘Creation an Invitation‘ to?” I asked. Here are a few things of which I was reminded.

For one thing creation is an invitation to remember who made us, what we were made from, when we were made and why we were made. Read the first two chapters of Genesis to find all of the above questions answered. God-Father, Son and Holy Spirit-made us in His image. He made man from the dust of the earth and breathed life into the nostrils of the first man, Adam. God created the earth, the universe, all plants and animals and then His crowning glory was complete with Adam and Eve. This was accomplished in 6 days about 6000 years ago. Now we come to the why. [Read more…]

How Christians Should View Evolution Part III

Heart shape lolly pop on the wooden background with empty space

This is the third installment of the blog entitled, “How Christians should View Evolution.” If you have not read it I would commend that you do before continuing reading this Blog. (Part I and Part II) My heart is to touch on a few more issues and concepts about the continual debate of Evolution and Creationism.

Now I am going to change gears to look at the theological debate that is going on between these two sides of Creation and Evolution. Now I think I touched on this in my first blog but I’m hoping to go a bit deeper with the concept of how we as Christians should go about talking about our beliefs. I believe that debates with the two parties have gotten us nowhere. To prove this, I am going to tell a quick story.

I am a passionate Creationist and let’s say that I am confronted by a man who tells me all about Evolution and how it is the “Real Science” and that Creationism is a horrible contamination to science. Therefore, everyone needs to believe Evolution. [Read more…]