It’s Time to Look Up!

Somedays are better than others.  I don’t know why, but it sure seems to be true.  I’ve never known life to be boring, but it sure has been happy, sad, confusing, terrifying, repetitive, and overwhelming, and sometimes all at the same time.  The best part about it is that God is unchanging.  That is so funny to me though, because I am made in His image.  I look a lot like Him!  I think that is spectacular don’t you?  Me feeling so changeable, and yet I’m made in the very image of the unchanging One!  That just gives me hope!

So what does it look like for me to grow in my consistency with the very heart of the Father?  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely desire to increase in my ‘steadiness’ each and every day.  I long to become a steadfast momma who knows how to sleep through storms.  What does a day that holds external chaos look like when I am consumed with His eternal peace?  What does tragedy feel like when I am consumed by the fiery eyes of the un-shockable One?

I feel like the Lord is asking me to continue to step-up my game:)  I know that emotions are a part of how I am made, but I also know that He is extending His hand to me to begin to live above them!  Can you picture His hand extending to Simon Peter as he began to teach Him to live above the waves?

As a mom, I am faced with many things, but only One face will keep me above the storms of life.  Locking eyes with the Beloved is the key.  The only key.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to keep things simple.  And this seems like the perfect time for that:)  Simply His face.  Simply His eyes.  Simply Him.

When I look up suddenly the waves don’t seem so big…