Prayers From the Mouth of a Child

I did not grow up in a family or church where children were taught to pray spontaneous prayers from their hearts to God. I was not aware that it was possible to have a conversation with God, believing that He would actually hear me, and even speak to me in return!

Despite this circumstance, I am thankful that my family prayed simple, memorized prayers at the table, like: “Come, Lord Jesus, be our guest, and let Thy gifts to us be blessed”; and bedtime prayers, such as,”Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” We also prayed rote prayers in our hymnal in church, and recited the “Lord’s Prayer” every Sunday. I am thankful, because these prayers from my childhood convinced me that prayer was an expected part of my Christianity, and paved the way for my future prayer-life, as time went on.

Many years later, as I heard the prayers of my grandchildren, I was amazed and touched by their sincere words and genuine emotions. It was as if pure fountains of water flowed out from the depths of their hearts, and streamed forth from their lips! How the Lord must delight in the sounds of their voices and the expressions on their sweet faces!

I remember one evening, when the prayer of my eight-year-old grandson, Adam, truly melted my heart, and must have melted His heart also! Adam had asked me to tuck him into bed, and after he prayed, I kissed him good-night and turned off the light. Upon leaving the room, I jotted down the words of his prayer, to be sure to record the words accurately. We just can’t make up these things!

His prayer was as follows: “Dear God, I hope You are having a good time up there with all your lovely angels!” (As he prayed, I could sense that he had gone somewhere else. He was completely engaged with the holy God who listens to the hopes and desires of his little ones.) He continued: “I hope you don’t ever, ever, ever take away your magic, because all your people down here really, really need it!” ( I know that Christians “down here”, don’t usually use the word, “magic” in place of “miracle”, but as I re-read this prayer, I understood that in the eyes of a child, every miracle that God still performs today must look identical to a work of magic in their eyes!)

Adam went on to make the following requests known to the Lord: He asked God to heal his dad’s back and his grandfather’s knees. He asked his Father in heaven to bless the baby who was on the way.   Still very absorbed in what he was asking, he prayed for his five-year-old cousin, Jacob, (who was undergoing a liver transplant at the Mayo clinic.) His final request that night was asking God to heal his uncle’s best friend’s wife, (who had terminal cancer.)

This was the prayer of an eight-year-old, who knew his Father-God intimately, and trusted Him implicitly to answer all these prayers. As a matter of fact, every one of these prayers was answered! Our family has been the recipient of mighty miracles and the profound love and mercy of God!

Please fast-forward about fifteen years with me. Recently our extended family was in church, standing and worshipping in an area toward the back of the sanctuary. A young woman, who had been worshipping behind us, and whom none of us had seen before, approached Adam at the end of the worship-time. She said, “As you worshipped, I saw that you had the heart of David… a pure connection of love between you and God. It inspired me, and helped me to enter into that same, pure connection with God, and to sense His presence with me. The way you worship is an example to all who are around you that this personal relationship with our Father is possible.”

I wrote this down, exactly as I heard it. I couldn’t help but think that the Father was having a good time up there!