“NOT JUST A MESSAGE, BUT THE BIRTH OF A MOVEMENT!  One of the most powerful messages of the whole conference came on Friday morning when Dr. Jonathan Claussen spoke on Restoring the Family. His message was so powerful, as he shared the origin of very insidious plan to redefine the Family, and to blur all the lines of the sacred, in the redefinition of sexuality and gender. His message was so powerful that it brought me to tears, and so filled with hope that I could not help it but to shout!  I feel so strongly that every believer needs to hear Jon and Amy Claussen and all that they have to say about Family!” ~Ramona Rickard, RAIN Ministries

“I was very touch by your ministry and family. You are truly carrying a great anointing and also a healing anointing.” ~Jean Luc Trachsel, IAHM

“You ALL were awesome and a living testimony of what you teach! I know many people were deeply touched by your ministry.” ~Pastor Mel Wild, Cornerstone Foursquare Church

“We have never met a more organic family with such rich heritage that has a more relevant, tangible message regarding the restoring of the purpose of family on the Earth. Jon and Amy Claussen, both of their parents and eight children make up the Family Restoration Project. Their message comes with a clarity that challenges individuals to consider their own divine purpose in seeing God’s original design fulfilled.  We believe that the revelation they have sought out and received is a key that will bring fresh perspective to anyone, especially to families looking to be whole again with purpose. We would highly recommend for you to consider their message for your house!”
John & Ruth Filler
The Gateway International, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“I am receiving such powerful encounters of the Lord through your parents, your son and your family…I am so grateful for what you all are releasing!” ~ Maria

“I just had to thank you for pouring out to us last weekend all that God has poured into you.  I appreciated hearing your testimony Amy, and Jon, the truths you spoke about family are still coming to my mind daily.”   ~Steph

“I just wanted to tell you that I believe you are beginning something that is extremely important to the Father, and I am looking forward to seeing how this next year unfolds for you. I think it’s going to be an exciting ride.”  ~Ron

“I have to tell you… that retreat totally changed my life. I am not the same person! Even my friends are telling me I look different. I am so happy!”

“I thank God for you and your family and for breathing life into me and mine.  I have never felt closer to God than I do now and that is largely laid at the feet of your ministry.  I get really excited as I press in and draw closer to God. Trusting Him has not come easily to me, but I am happy to say that I trust Him more fully now than I ever have.  You are a stellar example of how to walk in faith and you have given me such a blessing in striving toward identifying with being God’s daughter-being able to rush into His arms whenever I am in need.”~ Carol

“I wanted you guys to know how truly amazing this is.  I LOVE your Family Restoration Project!  Your blogs are so well written and inspiring.  A few favorites are, “Jacob’s Story”, “God is Funny”, and “Amy’s Top 10”.  One in particular touched me and changed my way of thinking.  “I’m Melted” gave me my Ah Hah moment.  How much God loves us is truly amazing, and maybe becoming a wife and mother made me understand that love.  You guys are very inspiring!”  ~Carly

“What an INCREDIBLE & BLESSED experience I was able to take part in tonight and this weekend. Family Restoration was amazing! Thank you Jon and Amy Claussen for speaking into our lives! You guys were incredible!!!”

“Not sure what made it click, but WOW! God has opened my eyes today to my orphan spirit and what needs to change in my life to get rid of it. Thank you Claussen family again for the wonderful message this weekend. It is STILL resonating with me.”

“Say I am sooo totally loving your Family Restoration Project set and I am praying that this project “be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth” for the glory of God!   Amen.”

“Wow is all can say. Daddy has poured His love in me and I will never be the same.” ~Naomi

“WOW God is using you Two.  The treaching are great.  GREAT JOB!! Glory to God.” ~Greg & Susanne


“Your family has had such a profound impact in our family in so many ways.  We could talk for hours about all the testimonies.  However, of the core themes through of them is that you provide a safe and loving place, along with a familiar and practical grid to be able to usher in a deeper level of relationship within our marriage and family.  As a result of the family vacation, our family operates at a deeper level of purpose and unity.  There has been radical breakthrough in our extended family relationships and there has been physical and emotional healing.”  ~Michelle

“We had a WONDERFUL TIME at last year’s Family Restoration Vacation.  It was an amazing time of teaching, praying, and vacationing!!  So much to be said, but I personally was blessed by the time where you prayed over the families, made provision for little notecards to pass to one another as encouragement during the week, the amazing visual charts during Jonny’s teaching, and the time that was set aside after lunch so that families could really REST and enjoy a vacation!!!  Thank you soon much for your kindness that you showed to our boys with the ride on Larry and Wilma’s boat.  You all were so personable and really demonstrated God’s love during the week!!” ~Kathy

“This weekend was pivotal in our marriage.  Things are being confirmed, stirred, and set free.  We are stronger and closer as a couple and are free to pursue our destiny.  Lies were brought to the surface and truths were planted as replacements.”

“Thank you for not offering performance fixes!”

“The teachings were brand new.  Some we had never heard before and were full of hope and freedom.”

“Opened up areas we need to look to Papa for more healing.  Grateful!  Teaching was excellent.  Thank you for directing our hearts back to Him instead of looking at each other.  Life!”

“Our hearts and relationship have been transformed, restored.”

“The revelations we received were amazing.”

“Identity is the cause – so nice to not just hear about how to treat symptoms – thank you Dr’s for treating the whole person!:)”

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Jon & Amy, Don & Heather, Larry & Wilma~ a profound impact and shift has occurred in our lives and marriage this weekend! Thank you for obediently stewarding what Papa God has given you. Your authentic transparency imparts healing, restoration and revelation! Let there be increase to your territory so your hearts reach the four corners of the earth! Love, Love, Love you all!”~ Max & Tina


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