What We Offer


For things to be restored we need a very clear picture of what the original looked like.  So much of what the church believes about family is shaped by the culture around, but in order to know what the Lord is calling each of us to, we must return to the beginning and look closely at how the Lord defined family.

Whether you are married or single, a new Christian or you’ve been in the church all your life, if your experience with family has been healthy or painful, then The Family Restoration Project is for you!   The Project is about restoring family to what it was originally intended to be, and releasing family as the means to bring restoration to the world.  

If you know that your family is called to greatness, then let us encourage you in your vision.  If you hope that your family is meant to do great exploits for God, then let us convince you.  If you doubt that God could do anything with your family, then join us on this journey and be infused with the TRUTH that YOUR family has a magnificent destiny, and the time to begin is today!  

What we offer:

1) Presenting the FRP at your church, retreat or conference

A typical Project can be delivered over two to three days, however we are flexible to accommodate any schedule. Our goal is to serve you, so please click here if you are interested in inviting the Family Restoration Project to your region.

2) Our Vacations 

We host Restoration Vacations specifically designed to strengthen families, marriages and parents in a fun, vacation like setting. To learn more about these vacations and to register, click here.

3) Portable Learning: Teaching Series & Books 

Visit our store to find more resources for your journey. From audio CD’s to children’s books, we feature resources that will add strength to your relationships.

4) The Glory Barn

In the spring of 2009, Amy and I felt a clear call to open our home and begin a ministry called “The Glory Barn”. Together, with a core group of hungry believers, we launched this ministry because we are after the glorious presence of our Father God. We want to equip and ignite spiritual leaders, who then bring the fire back to their local churches, and, in turn, bring freedom to our region. Learn more here.